Sustainable Destinations 2020

Menorca, candidate for the world 'top 10' of Sustainable Destinations 2020

The origin of an illusion', this is the title of Menorca's candidacy for the award for the best 'success stories in sustainability' in which this year's 100 Sustainable Destinations will compete. Among them is the Balearic island, which achieved this international recognition last October and now wants to achieve a new award with its model of sustainable development, starting from the beginning of the process of declaring Menorca a Biosphere Reserve, a quarter of a century ago.

Menorca, a Biosphere Reserve since 1993, Starlight Destination since January of this year and candidate for European Gastronomic Region 2022, faces an exciting 2020 with a new challenge in an area as important nowadays as sustainability. Thus, after joining the 'top 100' most sustainable Tourist Destinations in the world - recognition achieved at the 5th edition of the Global Green Destinations Days held in Croatia last October - it now aspires to the Top 100 Sustainable Destination 2020 awards to be presented in March next year at ITB Berlin.

At this prestigious International Tourism Fair, not only will the 10 most sustainable destinations in the world be selected, but also the best 'sustainability success stories' will be awarded. These awards aim to reward innovation and good practices in sustainable tourism management with stories that serve as inspiration for other tourist destinations.

Menorca is running for them with 'The origin of an illusion', which shows the social involvement and the period of mobilisations that the island experienced during the 70s and 80s. On the one hand, to stop the destructive tourist development process; and on the other, to create a sustainable development model. It also compiles some of the projects and initiatives that Menorca is promoting to continue advancing in this model of sustainable development; initiatives such as the Starlight Destination certification, the extension of the reserve to the sea, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve sustainability brand and the Menorca 2030 decarbonisation strategy.

To become part of the 'top 100' most sustainable tourist destinations in the world, an international committee evaluated the work carried out on the island in fields such as the protection of the natural environment, energy transition and waste management, social involvement for sustainability or the impact of tourism on the local economy, as well as verifying that the destination has a plan to continue advancing in its sustainable objectives.


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